A Kid’s Best and Most Patient Friend

Most dogs are wonderful guardians of children.  During the day to day activities dogs seem to have the patience of Job while kids dress them, walk them, tug on their ears or sometimes try to ride them.

In response these beautiful creatures encourage their kids by simply going along for the ride or as in this video, just watching, and waiting quietly until the little master is finished with his play or diversion.



A couple of years ago, I saw a segment of “Animal Planet”, the television program, about the one animal which has brain waves which are the most similar to humans. I thought they were going to say apes or chimpanzees, but it turned out to be the dog. They theorized the reason dogs are known as “man’s best friend” may well lie in those brain wave similarities.

Certainly, I don’t know if they are right or not, but dogs sure do have a sense for when you are happy, or sad. They seem to know and even try to play when you are happy and snuggle with you when you are sad. Something really does seem to make us simpatico with dogs.


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