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Playing Catch With My Collie in 1959


Dogs and Kids were free to roam in the fifties — snapshots were mostly black and white

In those days, moms frequently whistled for both the dogs and the kids when it was time for dinner.  It really was a wonderful time, and we had little to worry about in the small town in which I was raised.  Our front door didn’t even have keys.  Well, it had keys, but none of us knew where they were because we never used them.  Not even when we’d leave town on vacation.

That really is me, and my steadfast protector, Bootsie.  She went everywhere with me…. everywhere.  She even barked at my mother when she would pick me up.  I loved that dog and she loved me.

My family has always had dogs.  Always.  We still do.  My mom had a collie too when she was little, so I guess that’s what made her different from some other mothers who wouldn’t allow their children to have pets.  When I asked my mother why she allowed us to have a dog, she told me that pets, dogs especially, teach children much about love and how powerful it is.  She said pets taught children to care about other creatures other than themselves, and brought comfort to them when they were sad.  My mom was right about those things.

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Wendy and Minnie, Ragsey, Daddy, and Kelly — 30 Years Later

As time marched on, I grew up, married and had three girls of my own, and yes….  we had pets.  We had dogs and cats and loved them dearly.  To this day, even though our kids are gone, my husband and I have the cutest little Corgi (Pembroke) you can imagine.  Our girls are all married now too, and with children of their own.  Each household has a dog and our youngest even married a veterinarian.

Our dogs were as much a part of the family as the people, and they knew it.

Aside from the joy dogs bring, they also are as much your responsibility as your children.  They require proper nutrition, a loving environment, and regular check ups with the Veterinarian.

There is much you can do to keep your dog happy and healthy though, every day in your home.  Like children, they need loving attention, toys for play, good food to eat, and some attention to their everyday grooming.

Your vet will prescribe the proper preventative medicines for your dog, and you should carefully administer those to your pet as though he really was your child.  Those meds can keep your pup worm-free and some will even prevent fleas.

Probably the most important thing you can do for your dog medically is the same thing we should be doing for ourselves too.  That is, taking care of our teeth and gums.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to lecture about brushing your dog’s teeth every night, but if your dog will tolerate it and you don’t mind helping with that….  it would be the best thing to do.  As we all know or should know, poor dental hygiene is a very big contributor to all sorts of major health problems in dogs and humans.

If the nightly brushing of your dog’s teeth isn’t likely to happen, not to worry, because there are several excellent chew products available today which do a fairly good job of taking care of the germs and tartar that can build up on the dog’s teeth.  Along with those products, you can also remain committed to keeping your dog healthy by having his teeth cleaned regularly by your veterinarian.

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You Want Me to do What, Move? Really?

As this site grows over the years, we will bring you changes in veterinarian medicine, training tips, nutritional advice, and just plain fun things for you and your dog to enjoy.  We do have a  number of popular products for dogs on this site.  From time to time, if we believe in them, we may recommend them to you.  We also want you to know we will make a small commission for directing you to the site which actually sells the product.  Your price doesn’t change, but it does help us out. In addition, please know there are literally thousands of products, and we will only recommend the ones we do if, and only if, we believe in them ourselves.  It is either that or spammy ads, because we need sponsorship in some manner to pay our expenses.  Since we hate spammy ads…. well, you get the picture.

We will also be bringing you at every possible opportunity, fun stories about dogs and their kids, and sometimes just fun stories about dogs and the endearing things they do.  We’ll talk about the various breeds, their personalities….  which ones are smart, which ones really, really love kids, which ones yap, and which ones are just plain lovers.  Come back and visit and drop us a line if you have some real and true stories to share with us too.

I have to close with a picture of the dachshund which is in the photo above.  We nicknamed her Minnie-Rat, because, like most dachshunds (badger dogs), she had her tough side.  You should have seen the head of our old vacuum cleaner that she attacked at every opportunity.  She drove the cleaning lady absolutely crazy.  Here she is, apparently rather miffed that someone might suggest she get out from under the Christmas tree. Just another day in the lives of dogs and kids.

Here is an interesting Cute Video About a Dog, His Toddler Master, and This Puddle video story about a Dog, his Kid, and this puddle.